Histori Jurnal

Publication of articles in this Journal through the Peer-Review Process that begins with a review and review of journal templates by the Board of Editors or the Editorial Board both internally and externally has a track record as a journal manager (editor) whose job is to examine and ensure that articles are carefully reviewed. is being reviewed to meet the Author Guidelines and Journal Templates. In the review process by the Editorial Team, a study was also conducted with regard to checking similarity by using Turnitin. Articles that have met the review process requirements of the editorial team, then proceed with the review process by reviewers, both internal and external reviewers.

The peer review process carried out by internal reviewers and external reviewers is adjusted to the reviewer's scientific competence with articles that are reviewed for publication. The reviewer is in charge of evaluating the substance of the article, helping the writer through comments and inputs relating to the state of arts and other relevant substance components. The review process is carried out using a single blind review and gradually using a double blind review. The ethics review process is carried out for the substance of the article, criticism and input is carried out objectively. Reviewers display views and input clearly supported by clear arguments. Criticism of the author is an unethical act and is not appropriate to be carried out by reviewers during the review process in this journal.

The reviewer is tasked with assessing and identifying the relevance of legal documents, concepts, theories and the results of previous relevant studies used by the author to study and analyze. The reviewer also has the duty to identify relevant reading sources or study results that have not been quoted by the author.

The entire review process is carried out electronically. Journal Editor has the duty to decide on articles that are suitable for publication, taking into account the results of preliminary studies from the editors team, the validity of the articles from the results of reviewers, the usefulness and contribution of the substance of the articles in the framework of developing Accounting and Finance Management for researchers, academics, and practitioners, particularly with regard to the development of substance Accounting and Finance Management both locally, nationally, and internationally.