Focus and Scope

The scope of fields contained in JLPH includes the following areas:

International law
Constitutional law
Civil law
Economic Law
Environmental law
Criminal law
State Administrative Law
Technology, Information and Communication Law
Human Rights Law
Islamic and Family Law
Agrarian Law
Political science
International Relations
Administration Science (Commerce, State, Public, Development, etc.)
Legal studies
Public administration
Social and Political Sciences
Development Studies (Development Planning, Territory, Cities)
National defence
Police Science
Public policy
Other Unlisted Fields of Political Science
Social Welfare Science
Humanities and Eduction
Regional Studies (Europe, Asia, Japan, Middle East etc.)
Social Sciences and Managment
Population (Demography, and Other Population Sciences)
Sharia Economic Law
Cultural Studies
Islamic Broadcasting Communications
Communication Studies



Articles published on research results and literature reviews using acceptable research methodologies, qualitative studies, quantitative studies, or a combination of the two, statistical analysis, case studies, field research, and historical studies. JLPH accepts manuscripts from various related groups, such as relevant researchers, professors, students, policy makers, scientists, and others.