About the Journal

Journal of Law, Politic and Humanities (JLPH) from Volume 1 Number 2 of 2021 to Volume 6 Number 1 of 2026 Accredited Sinta Rank 3 according to Accreditation number: 152/E/KPT/2023, 25 September 2023

Journal of Law, Politic and Humanities (JLPH) is a research journal in the field of Law, Humanities, and Politics published since 2020 by Dinasti Research Publisher under the auspices of the Yayasan Dharma Indonesia Tercinta (DINASTI). This journal aims to disseminate research results to academics, practitioners, students, and other parties with an interest in the field of law.

The editor accepts manuscripts that have never been published by other media. Published research is the personal opinion of the researcher and not the opinion of the editor or Dinasti Research. The journal is published periodically 6 (six) times a year, namely November, January, March, May, July and September. The selection of articles to be published in JLPH has gone through a review process by the editorial team taking into account the following matters: Fulfillment of the requirements for journal publication standards, research methods used, significance, and contribution of research results to the development of Law and Social Sciences.